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Mastermix Dance Party by DJ Gloor Radio MultiKulti (DAB+) commercial-free-three-and-a-half hour Master Mix Dance Party

Jeden Samstag 24:00 Uhr auf BlueTV und DAB+ in Basel - Aarau - Olten - Biel


DJ Gloor Interview

When did you start mixing

Alex: Is started to mix tapes in 70s, back then i only had a Turntable and a portable Cassette Player. We used to be sneaky and rewind the tapes just enough to overlap the sound between the Eraser Head and the Play Head on a Cassette Player to overlap music and fake an mini mix.

When did you first discover the genres of music, (Easy Listening, Disco, Lounge Music, Strange Sound efx records) that you enjoyed listening too?

Alex: I was used to listening to different things form an early age on, when i was 3 years old my parents use to play for me exotic records, i remember dancing to Folk Music Of The Mediterranean, so i always had an open ear for different kinds of music, but what really got me started was the mixed tapes from the early 80s from cosmic DJ Daniele Baldelli, that opened a whole new world for me, it thought me to think outside the box, have completely disregard for whatever you thought was right or wrong and start mixing different music and sounds together, this is still the basic concept for In Flagranti, treat music for what it is, sound, and see what we can come up with.

How big is your personal collection of cassettes and vinyl’s?

Alex: I tend to sell every 10 years 70% of my collection so i have space to get new stuff, so it’s manageable. The old mixed tapes i keep, i have all my tapes i recorded in the early 80s from New York radio mix shows like WBLS, Kiss-FM, Hot 97.

How long did you live in nyc?

Alex: I lived in New York for 18 year, i moved there in 1984, it was a fantastic place to be, everything was possible, you could live your dream, but after 9/11 that was all gone and it was time for me to move some place else and that was Switzerland.

Can you please tell us what the underground New York music scene was like in the 90’s as seen through Alex Gloor’s eyes? What were some of your best memories?

Alex: In the 90s the music in New York was Diva House and Hip Hop and Techno, not my favorite thing to listen to! The 80s was much more creative music wise, DJs did not have a format to pick from, they had to find music from different genre and mix it together that to create a set, that was much more exiting to listen to, there was no fixed styles like house music or hip hop to pick from.

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